What about Gamification?

Aleyna Çatak
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Hello everyone! I'm going to start a gamification project and I thought that I need to hear some words from you. What do you think about gamification in apps (preferably, education apps)? Do they encourage app's users to use the app more? For instance, you are a Duolingo user and learning Spanish via Duolingo. Everytime you use it you gain points and achieve new badges in Grammar, Daily Conversations etc. Does it encourage you to use Duolingo more and achieve new badges? What does it mean to you? How can we make a gamification more meaningful? Thank you in advance!


Founder, Restep #NoCode
Games are fun! So gamification is about making your product fun- which should always be the case. A more limited approach is to copy some game mechanics without understanding why you're doing it. Nobody wants to collect more useless internet points for the sake of it. So my advice is to focus on making learning fun (which it is, outside of school). Btw I used Duolingo for some months, I didn't care at all about points, badges etc but as I went up the leagues my competitive side came out and I just had to beat everyone to the top. Because I was competing with real people, I cared. Find what your users care about and use it.
Gamification boosts engagement and initiative. Points, levels and badges always encourage my students to work more and research their topics more thoroughly. We've been using Habitica and CleverTap apps for school. https://uplandsoftware.com/local... https://essaytyper.pro/