How do you build relationships with your professional network?

Lusine Magauzyan
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Do you keep in touch on Linkedin or Twitter? Do you ask people out on Coffee? Have you used Lunchclub?


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@LunchClub is the best for networking - especially while sheltering in place. A great way to meet new people. For maintaining the network, I am a big fan of @Uphabit. It's a great personal CRM to manage touches with close friends and business associates. You can set-up regular reminds to check in with people.
@billflitter thx! I've been using @lunchclub since FEB2020 but honestly can't get hold of it in terms of how to benefit from it. Do you have some tips? Never heard of Uphabit, will try, thx. One more question, do you meet ppl from professional network irl or not? And do you think meeting up irl has more value than just virtual?
20 yrs experience helping startups grow.
I value the conversations I have on lunchclub and enjoy meeting new people. You have to go into the conversation with a clear objective (not selling of course). But that goes with any networking. I used to meet people face-to-face pre-covid. Thank goodness for services like LunchClub to keep at least virtual networking alive. Both virtual and irl have value. I would not have met all the people outside the Bay Area as I have been through virtual networking.
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I am a little bit biased, but I am using Kudu with my contacts, is easy to discover cool ideas and schedule them with people from your contact list. We are preparing the official launch December 15th, any feedback is very welcome.
@anxo_armada hey. Thx a lot. Never heard of Kudu, will try it. One more question, do you meet ppl from professional network irl or not? And do you think meeting up irl has more value than just virtual?
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@anxo_armada @lussvontrier yes, I usually meet IRL my professional network, they are almost friends and we enjoy having lunch together or other opportunities. I am used to it and for me is very difficult to change, but of course we also interact sometimes through messaging or Linkedin.
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I use mainly LinkedIn and emails and ask people to meet for a coffee or schedule a call. Never tried LunchClub before!
@gaialiciabalossi heey, thx for reply. Can I ask what percentage of people come out for a coffee on average and it irl meetups bring more value in terms of developing the relationship?
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@gaialiciabalossi @lussvontrier 10/15% - sometimes irl meetings are better, but I've had a lot of remote ones as it was with people in different geographies and they work as well
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I love LinkedIn for this purpose. Also, try to attend various offline Meet-ups and conferences to expand the existing network. Have never heard of Lunchclub.
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I enjoy Lunchclub - simple, fuss-free, and it has been pretty good in expanding my network. I usually don't go outdoors for coffee meetings unless it's really necessary.
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