How can you protect your users when it come to social media platform?

Minh Dang
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Content moderators are integral members of any Trust & Safety team, and popular social media companies like TikTok need thousands of workers to ensure safety on its platform. Real-time content moderation is key to a safer internet, but moderating another language takes time and creates latency problems


Jasper Ruijs
3 strategies: 1. Put constraints on the type of content. Written language can be more easily analyzed by a deep learning algorithm to filter offensive comments than videos or images. 2. Create a new type of content. For example, if you program a content builder, you can make it impossible to make something offensive with the building blocks. 3. Make community guidelines; before you upload something on society6, you need to read some text about not violating copyright. When you read that as a content creator, you think twice before uploading.