What are your best resources for marketing a new app?

Rick Ellis
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Obviously, PH. But I'm curious as to what other resources you've successfully used, especially if your product is a Mac OS app? Thanks.


David T. Kim
In my humble opinion, organic communities and crowdfunding are extremely underrated. Of course, those require a lot of pre engagement and transparency!
Yuliia Mamonov 🇺🇦
@david_t_kim hi David! Could you please share what you mean by "organic communities"? Sounds interesting!
suryakant yadav
@david_t_kim @yulia_mamonova where the product is needed. In another word, niche market
John Mirochnik
In my case, Facebook forums have been the best sources for customers. I have 2 stock market research apps and joined several Facebook forums dedicated to investing. I post there with screenshots and links to the apps typically as a response to someone’s question. I have noticed a jump in downloads after posting. Of course, every post needs to be relevant to the topic.
@john_mirochnik You might want to check out my quirky iOS directory: https://MillionDollarTablet.com
forums usually, tech and IT-related
Anxo Armada
I am a noob, but I am starting with Product Hunt Ship and I think it makes the point. We are thinking about launching next month and here we can engage with our community earlier and get feedback.
Gaurav Bora
@anxo_armada How has been your experience with Ship? Are you already getting signups on that?
Anxo Armada
@anxo_armada @gauravbora we are really starting, yesterday I created our first landing producthunt.com/upcoming/kudu and I am iterating on it. We hope today we can add the first version of the product video. We want to launch on PH December 15, feedback welcome! My first impressions are quite good, it allows you to hype your little community and attract new ones around feedback and the product hunt launch. You have tools to easy communicate with all of them or a subset.
Mark Mankarious
When I launched https://isoflow.io, a friend of mine posted a link on HackerNews which generated a lot of traffic. Great audience for tech products there.
Fabian Maume
If your app is B2B, try to outreach people over linkedin using Phantombuster You can also contact the top Quora writer about Mac to ask them for feadback.
Rupesh Mehta
Quora has been super useful for me to generate some traffic for my platform www.dropurcard.com/home , but you need to write lot of useful content before you get noticed.
Dhruv Bhatia
Linkedin is a great resource for marketing a new app, especially if you plan to charge for your product in the future.
Ryan Glass
Makerlog, IndieHackers and Twitter are my go-to choices for communities but SEO/organic traffic from search are where it's at for really targeted traffic long-term
mat jung
I would inform a local newspaper and radio station about it. The online editions of the newspaper and radio are able to describe and market your new product. Most editors are happy to try out new apps and write about it.