I'm looking for a front end javascript developer. Any ideas where to look?

Hugo Finkelstein
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I'm building Rise, talent network and expert service marketplace. We've raised our pre-seed, launched our platform and are generating revenue. We're looking for someone who will commit on the long run (salary + %). Need help from the community! :)


Eugenia Kuzmenko
Hi Hugo. First of all, want to congrats you on your "Rise" :) Will keep your website in bookmarks, cause sometimes I need a copywriting service and don't know where to find the reliable one. So, let's get down to your question: as far as you need someone for long-term cooperation (hope I've got you right) I can suggest that the most appropriate option for you to get an outsourcing partner who will be your software development resource. Why: When you have a real partner (not just a coder who is "YES MA'AM ") you can be flexible, grow your product faster while freeing some internal resources for operational tasks. Also, the cost of outsourcing development is lower than your local service. I don't mean to promote something but your question caught my attention. I've been working in a software development company for 3 years and we have more than 50 clients who also started as startups just like RISE a few years ago.
Rupesh Mehta
I would suggest for starting hire someone on offshore. If you want I can connect with you someone really good.
Jasper Ruijs
You can post a free job on Indeed https://www.indeed.com/. All my successful start-up friends have used this platform to grow their business with talented individuals. I can recommend you make the determining factor his or her values and not years of experience. If someone resonates with a company's values, he or she is more inclined to stay even when the mission changes. When I was interviewing developers, my favorite question was, what do you teach yourself besides development. You can learn a lot from this answer. What you want is someone who can think beyond the spectrum of code. Who is self-motivated to grow in other areas of life besides efficiency or productivity. Last tip. Hire slow but lay off fast. In the podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant, I heard that if you include the actual team members in the solicitation process, you have a much higher chance of hiring the right person. Because someone can be the best for the job, but there is no resonance with the team, this will be detrimental in the long run. https://www.ted.com/talks/workli...
Jacelyn Sia
When searching for a front-end JavaScript developer, explore various platforms like job boards, freelance websites, and social media groups focusing on tech and development. Networking with professionals and attending tech events can also help. Consider using these strategies to hire front-end developers effectively.
Victoria Mostova
Sure! If you're seeking a front-end JavaScript developer, there are several effective places to look. Consider checking out popular job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. Additionally, specialized tech platforms such as GitHub and Stack Overflow can be great resources to hire JavaScript programmers with the specific skills you need. Good luck with your search!