Which menu in a restaurant/cafe do you prefer?

Inal Karov
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Céline Gaillard
I prefer physical menu to make the order, but QR to check out.
Kendall Gelner
QR is really nice as you get older, so you can zoom in on items and details. Also like not having to wait for a menu to be brought to you, and to be able to look at it before you go in...
Dave Galbraith
I don't have a smartphone, so it's very hard for me to order on a QR menu.
Jim Zhou
You can't get the secret authentic Chinese menu unless it's printed in some Chinese restaurants so... I'm gonna stick with that one.
Inal Karov
@jim_zhou hi, what does it mean, “secret authentic Chinese menu”?
Jim Zhou
@ikarov I hope this is an open enough secret for most people but a lot lot lot of Chinese restaurants, particularly in smaller-to-mid-sized American cities but this is also true for places in LA and NY, that outwardly sells "Americanized" Chinese food and are family owned, have second menus that either are told verbally or printed separately for patrons who make it known to the waitstaff that they are Chinese and would like something more authentic. Since I've literally been in restaurants that do this from Vermont and New Hampshire to Washington State to Brooklyn and Boston to LA suburbs and Montreal to boot I'm guessing this is more or less universal in North America. However I don't think there's any real way to get access to it without a member of your party actually speaking Chinese (Mandarin always works, I don't speak Cantonese but it appears to work most of the time). The thing is that the secret menus are always disconnected entirely from what the restaurant serves usually and usually represents some sort of regional cuisine from China that you'd have a hard time even finding a restaurant for outside of NY/LA/Seattle/SF in my experience. Much like how immigrant communities frequently exist completely illegibly and in parallel to the hegemonic mainstream society, it is apparently also the dynamic in the microcosm of restaurants. Got some really unexpectedly great food in some very out of the way places this way, just make sure you bring someone who speaks the language if you don't.
Physical. The quicker I get fed, the happier I get. QR is just extra steps.
Paul Woodthorpe
I prefer a physical menu but obviously it is a hospitality issue cleaning them between customers in 2020, so I would be happy with disposable menus printed on a sheet of paper that can be recycled after use. The cost of having bulk volume printed menus would be cheaper than the detergent used to wipe down traditional menus. QR codes are okay if they are a simple UI and work, but a lot of older people find it too complicated and off-putting and sometimes the signal is an issue for smartphones in many areas. I have even seen a couple of older customers walk away from a coffee shop this week just because they asked them to scan the QR code for the track and trace system and it confused them. The guy who served me said it happens regularly and was causing a lot of lost sales every day.
David T. Kim
Physical, but one page. Nothing more.
Rupesh Mehta
Honestly I like Physical menu which are just paper like and easy to print, not expensive one. So those can be Use and throw if needed. Looking at current trend QR is also not bad option when people don't want to touch many things. I build platform for Digital contact card www.dropurcard.com check it out.
Paul Nica
Physical, but nothing fancy, just something that goes well with their brand
Sebastian Potcher
QR code, but it is nice to have a physical backup when you run out of battery ;)
Sabine Ruest
You can include me in the group of food enthusiasts. I seldom ever skip a meal at a restaurant in my town. To claim that I have a particular type of taste in the restaurants I select would be untrue. I can eat great anywhere, whether it's the best restaurant or a street vendor. I'm in my late 20s and fortunate to have a terrific group of friends that eventually test new foods at a rate that matches mine. In a word, everything that motivates me to eat at restaurants is exceptional flavor in a tidy environment.