How to launch an OpenSource project?

Taimoor Khan
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Hi Product makers! I am a Founder of an OpenSource Community which I have built single handedly so far and now I am considering to launch it to get some feedback on the project and potentially gain some dedicated contributors as well. Care to shed some light in this regard, please?


Mr Ethar Alali
I have a few war stories from this. Firstly, with OSS, just launch it. Don't wait. The problem is then getting people to contribute or view. So you need to actively start using it in projects, and giving community talks to people about it. including demos. Twitch can be useful for this. If you can get it used in any active project, that's even better, as those people can then do talks to raise their own profiles and also propagate the OSS too. Also, look at sites like HackerNoon, Instructables and *vom* Reddit. They are good sources of traffic, but in the latter case, you will also likely get the dregs of society. So develop thicker skin before you approach. However, monitor it to ensure it doesn't get there before you do. Note, you may never get dedicated contributors full-time. Especially without funding. People have lives. However, it's now easier to get funding for OSS projects than ever before. Sponsorships, Patroens and crowdfunding platforms can really help with this on top of a basic PayPal donation. This can really help pay for hosting and stuff too. Finally, also look to give opportunities to students. Working on OSS is great experience and is a good way for juniors to fill out their CV. So watch a lot o the 100 days of code hashtag on twitter. So a lot to consider, but generally, a lot of good opportunities.
Anastasiia Zvenigorodskaia
Hi, today we are launching opensource product - Vuestic UI, now it on the 5th rowm but I hope we step up on 4th