Top products for learning and growth while remote?

Anthony Reo
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Hey everyone! I am very interested in the future of learning and now that many of us are remote, I am very keen to hear about how learning habits have changed! Personal Example: Now that I am not commuting anymore, my podcast/audiobook consumption has dropped through the floor! So what tools/content are you using now to keep growing? If you are a leader what are you doing for your team? What is your company doing for you? Thanks & looking forward to a great discussion!


Joshua Stehr
I was using Blinkist a lot while I was commuting but that's not so much. I still watch a fair amount of TED Talks - it's a nice productive way to spend my breaks while working from home. I also listen to a few podcasts - just got into the John Maxwell one. Keen to hear more though!
Jasper Ruijs
These are my learning insights during Corona times. A) - Instead of watching what the Youtube algorithm offers, schedule specific times to add relevant content to you Watch Later list. - Then, if you go to Youtube, only watch videos in the Watch Laters list. B - Instead of focusing on finding the right classes. Take more time to reflect on which project you are going to do integrate the learned. - Be selective with your teachers and try to shift the balance to more doing than learning. C) Try priming out, saying certain phrases when you do a routine. Or set up preparation rituals, so you ease the mind and body in doing something new – which is most often an uncomfortable experience.
Anthony Reo
@jas801 awesome tips! thank you. I agree with #2 I would rather take a good class by a great teacher, rather than a great class by just a good teacher.
Yuliia Mamonov πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
@jas801 @anthonyreo I absolutely love the tip about the "Watch Later" list. Should definitely do that instead of what the algorithm offers!
Hi Anthony, As a huge podcast fan, I've discovered that now, working from home, I listen to them even more than before. I've made it a routine to put an episode on when I'm going on a lunch walk or during house chores or cooking. I can really recommend it, a great way to get a moment to yourself if living with more people too :) When it comes to more tools, I've found Pocket helpful to save articles to read for later, before I get into a vortex of content distractions online.
Anthony Reo
@katarzynaciszek Interesting! What are your favorite podcasts for starting the day Katarzyna? Seems like you have invented a commute for yourself despite WFH, really cool. Pocket is great of course for saving stuff for the weekend!