What is the difference between pre-launch and launch in PH?

James Kelley
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I add the literal definition, but what is the implication for gaining awareness?


Jonathan Garreis
Really a good question! Hopefully someone has a idea
jane fergusson
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Elizabeth Alli
After a few launches (and our most recent Notion Product Design Pack there are a few things I wish I'd known earlier on and some things I'm still learning, but for us here is what I've found be most helpful to gain awareness in these two phase: Building awareness pre-launch falls into 4 categories: 1. Engaging with PH and the community - Being active in the community - Upvoting products you like - Commenting on products you've enjoyed using - Making some collections - Following top hunters - Reaching out to your PH followers directly and letting them know you'll be launching soon - etc 2. Bringing your current audience into the fold and connecting with PHers outside of PH: - Sending out a newsletter blast letting your list know that you'll be launching on PH and that they can stop by to check it out and maybe get a exclusive discount - Following PH influencers on Twitter and engaging with them - Asking PH influencers to check our your product and give you feedback - Sharing your upcoming launch in PH Slack channels 3. Preparing infrastructure for best case scenario: - Making sure your site can handle incoming traffic - Making sure your product can support an influx of new user signups - Making sure that your customer support is ready to respond to questions 4. Preparing marketing creatives - Make sure your site looks great - Design nice thumbnails and cover images for your listing - Go the extra mile with an explainer video - Write email sequences and social media mosts Involve your team - If you are going to be asking your team or others to upvote make sure they have made an account well in advance. - Ask your team to also be active on PH leading up to Launch Launch is go time and quite a bit more straightforward: - Make sure your listing page is filled out and looks stellar - Make sure you are set to publish at 12am in your timezone to maximize the amount of hours on PH before it resets for the day - Reply to comments - Monitor your site uptime - Share on social media (but not direct links, ask people to search for your product on PH - algorithm likes that) - Add the PH vote banner to your website Hope this is helpful!
James Kelley
@elizabeth_alli This is great. I am curious more on PH. They seem to have two areas, pre-launch and launch.