Not a designer- Would love to try new products. Easy & convenient platforms to design basic content?

Reema Maarouf
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Recommend some for me and my fellows!


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What type?
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@shayne_tan Social media! LinkedIn, Twitter , Instagram interactive content. I am also looking for some animated/ small video content, that would be interesting
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Canva - without a doubt!
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I use Canva for social content and love it! You can literally create a high-quality post in minutes and resize it to fit any platform. However, I haven’t found it as useful for animation/video. I'd love to know if anyone has any suggestions that are similar to Canva but more geared towards this type of content?
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If you desire a quick fix for making content on social media, use Canva. They have all the formats of the different social media in templates. If you want to make new/original content like GIFS, use Suppose you want to make a simple animation (CSS oriented), use It takes some time to learn, but it is very intuitive.
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Canva really is a marvel. The UI is just incredibly smooth and fast. The designs are gorgeous modular components that are endlessly flexible...this coming from a product designer of 12 years that is use to doing everything by hand, it has won me over for making quick creatives and mockups.