What is the best CI/CD pipeline to integrate in mobile app development?

Andrew Kirima
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I'm currently working on a trade study with the following objective: Implement an automated CI/CD Pipeline to perform product deployments in the most optimal time possible that is free for mobile app development. *Coding in React-Native* The CI/CD Platforms I am currently looking at are: Travis-CI Circle-CI Jenkins Gitlab-CI AWS CodePipeline Google Cloud Build Azure Pipeline And my trade factors are: Cost (Is there some kind of plan for free usage.) Security Performance Speed ( Time at which it takes to ship out a new build.) Hosting (Yes/No) Flexibility Maintainability Distribution Reliability Documentation Customer Success Capability I would absolutely appreciate any feedback you all have to offer, especially since I am new to mobile app development. Anything you know about these various CI/CD platforms in the Trade Factors listed or if you believe there is a Trade Factor that I should include or exclude. If this is successful I will "pay it forward" by putting together an article with all my findings so anybody else stuck in the same spot can derive from that. Thank you all ahead of time!


It all depends on your abilities and knowledge of the code. Check out the Nwicode CMS platform, which is open source (which gives you an opportunity in product extensibility) and a large number of ready-made features, for quick creation without coding.
Andrew Kirima
@ruslan77 Thank you for taking the time to respond. But we are already programming the app with react-native. It's a fintech app that will be doing somethings that other apps out there haven't done, or at least successfully yet so it needs to be coded. Codeless isn't an option because we need to be able to scale and use a BAAS on the backend.