What is the funniest or weirdest logo you've ever seen?

Katya Veremeichik
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Since we can't share images here, lets share links to the funniest or weirdest logos you've ever seen. Good laughs guaranteed!:)


reddit logo is funny enough, a robot with round face, and big yellow eyes. So weird. Like a baby from Mars. my logo is "F" with wings, not funny.
🌈 Ponicode
I'm curious, what's yours?
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@benedetta_dal_canton not sure if the link is gonna work properly, but here:) https://www.facebook.com/photo/?...
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@benedetta_dal_canton @katyaveremeichik Hahaha that's hilarious!! To be honest I reckon a really funny logo might go pretty far on product hunt - I'd probably vote just for it!! We just tried to make it as flashy as possible
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I worked at Tribue Publishing when they rebranded as tronc. https://www.salon.com/2016/06/03... The new logo definitely makes you think about newspapers and digital journalism, right?
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Any logo I've attempted to make
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