I'm looking for a live chat SaaS that supports multiple websites/sub-accounts. Any ideas?

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I'm currently using drift to have live chat on 3 different websites. That means 3 different accounts with a ton of switching back and forth between them when I have to run to respond to a customer. I'm simply looking for a live chat SaaS where you can have multiple sub-accounts and add multiple websites with different branding. That could be one of two ways: 1. Either something like gmail or twitter where switching between multiple top level accounts is quick and painless 2. Something like google search console or domain management or google analytics, where you simply have one top level account and you can switch between multiple "properties" (which in this case would be live chat for different websites) Anything like this out there?


George Apostolov
I believe you can customize Erxes to do all you want. https://erxes.io/ It is an open-source tool. I use it on https://telltrail.ai in case you want to see how it looks. But I am not sure if you will be able to reuse a chat. Maybe create multiple chats on one account and set them up on different websites
Jason Grills
Aditya, you can try ProProfs Chat. It helps you run multiple sub-accounts under one main head account. You don’t have to run separate accounts. You can manage all support requests through one main account.