What is the best channel to promote a online only No-Code event?

Sascha Willutzki
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Hey all :D I have seen that there is an event section on Producthunt but it doesn't seem to be used that much right now. Have you made any experience with that or other platforms or websites to bring people together for an online event? I am trying my best to figure out the best Channel. I'm open to any ideas or best practices!! Cheers from Berlin


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1. Collaboration with NoCode, SaaS & Startup related Facebook Group admins. 2. IndieHackers 3. HackerNews 4. No Code directories These 4 come on top of my mind.
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@krisang Some good suggestions above and probably where I would start. You could also check-out Meet-up or Eventbrite, generally can get some good traction there.
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There are ton Facebook Groups, there is slack group. Different no code product forum, I know the Bubble.io one is pretty active.