do you like SEO

Sherry Liu
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Yes! Actually, I just found out about SEO this year and I've never been so amazed by how SEO works. I also get to understand the difference of a black, gray and white-hat SEO. Thanks to an SEO Company in the Philippines.
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I think it is good method for website ranking on search engine but it is also a burden for web developer to make a site available on search engine because of some new complex requirements.
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I guess, better not to like, but to use :-)
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SEO is rewarding in the long run. But isn't a short time for awareness of your business/brand on the internet.
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I love it. Because it throws all assumptions out of window and forces you to look at what people are really looking for. Also very helpful in directing the product direction. What more do you want when you can build a product that people are actually looking for?
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