Soft skills or hard skills?

Tanya Volkova
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What matters most? Should you have 50/50?


Anca Sandu
Always soft skills. Hard skill is something that you can teach. Soft skills may make or break your team
Jasper Ruijs
@anca_sandu1 I second this. Talent can be found everywhere but good character is rough diamond ready to be sharped into success. In my experience, active listening, storytelling and strategic thought are the best to focus on. The intention should be to become more empathic, realistic and persuasive. Dreams are build with people for people.
Travis Page
Soft Skills are really really hard to attain. If you CAN, I'd prefer someone with drive and soft skills who I can teach.
Rowe Morehouse
you can find this book on github: "Soft Skills - The Software Developer's Life Manual.pdf"