Tips for sustainably working 12 to 16 hours a day.

Aniruddha Ingle
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I have, recently, been obsessed with the ability of people to work 12+ hours a day. Consistently. I tried doing it and I lasted one week. So, how do you guys do it?


Start by tracking Social media usage time. Don't spend the first 30 mins after waking up on Instagram and instead spend it on planning further for the day.
Elen Udovichenko
Just don't. It can't be healthy and will definitely lead to burnout (or other more serious problems) down the road.
Brandon Kindred
This is a frog in boiling water type of scenario. You can't just jump into doing it. That will lead to immediate burnout because you aren't used to it. Instead slowly increase the amount of time you work daily until you are working that much. I will say this, if you don't absolutely have to do it, then you shouldn't. It can have a negative impact on health as well as your relationships with family and friends. Best to stay focused for 8 hours and then go do something else
Mariano Pardo
I'd say motivation is the largest contributor. I wouldn't work that much for something I'm not interested in, but I can work 16 hours on my startup. Something I learnt is important to make a stop before bed, just 10 mins of meditation, going for a walk or doing some chores is enough.
Judith Ackerman
It's just not sustainable. Depending on the person someone might last 1 week, 1 month or more but the end result is almost always burnout. Only in some cases where your work is actually your life and in that case you're not working anyways. So it's unrealistic to push yourself to do it because it's what the cool guys do. Just work on your pace and in the long run you'll see that you're more efficient compared to your 15 hour working self.
Minh Dang
Work hard but work smart is the key. You could use some automation tools to save your time and improve productivity.
Dmitrii Pashutskii
I can say only one thing: It's very bad idea. You not only damage your health but it also affect your business, productivity and ability to recover. Eventually you probably burn out and face a serious health issues. There is not healthy way to do this. Moreover you will be much more productive and achieve more if you work 4-6 hours. Just believe me.
Andrey Drobitko
I work 12+ hours per day for at least 15 years. I've always been a founder, and switching between tasks is super helpful to keep focus for a long time. Plus, as an artist, I spend my weekend at my studio and painting. So, as a summary, two solutions work for me to keep focus: different activities and tasks during a day (building a product, talking to investors, partners, etc) and art on weekends. And yes, you need to love what you do! A lot! - My company - My art
Latoya Hall
Create boundaries between you and work..12+ hours is not an accomplishment! It's a pathway to burnout like others said....If you truly want to do 12 hour days, maybe try breaking it up throughout the day rather than going 12 hours straight....regardless productivity takes a hit as well as mental health and focus if you work for that long days on end!