What are the best ways to include customer feedback in your decision making (for an app)?

Aniruddha Ingle
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Moritz Wobith
We use a user feedback channel on slack :)
The best way is adopting a problem-solving process like Design Thinking that consists of empathizing, defining the problem, ideation, prototyping, and testing (this is where user feedback helps). A bit more about this here https://trackabi.com/blog/applic...
Anuj Mahajan
Do you want an in-depth user feedback, or are you looking for a "pulse-check"? For the former, it is best to speak with 7-14 on a 1:1 basis. For a quick check, you have do paid or un-paid surveys. Of course, your decision will depend on how many users you have and what's their familiarity with your product. Feel free to ask more. Happy to help.
Aniruddha Ingle
@anuj_mahajan Hi Anuj, we are a fairly nascent app but we have a highly active user base. The number of users is less than 10k, so, I wouldn't extrapolate the current observations. We are about to go through an update that upgrades the app in a big way. So, our goal is to analyse how the users are responding to this change. Thanks for your time.
Anuj Mahajan
@aniruddha_ingle1 Hmmm ... Usually it's not recommended to make huge upgrades at once because there are many variables you can't control. However, theory and practice are different so I understand where you are coming from. Can you control your release? If yes, it might help to slowly release by location/ market segment/ beta/ alpha group of users, etc. Also, do you have analytical capabilities built into your app? That way, with a phased launch, you can keep a track on your most important metrics (say it's conversion rate). If a small set of your users respond positively to your metrics, you can consider stepping up. Usually such a phased launch happens over a period of 2-4 weeks. Does this help?
Amod Nazirkar
Hi Aniruddha, It looks like you are searching for a survey software that will give you contextual feedback about the updates you are introducing. I suggest you give Qualaroo a try for free. In your case, since you want to know how satisfied your customers are with the latest updates in your mobile app, you can conduct an in-app customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey followed by an open-ended question to gather context for the feedback. Try Qualaroo’s survey templates instead of creating surveys from scratch for your Android, iOS app, or website. It has this NudgeTM feature that helps conduct pop-up surveys that do not put a damper on user experience like emailing survey links do. It’s the best way to create a cohesive experience for your customers. And the best part is that it won’t slow down your app. Another great thing is you can kill two birds with a stone by utilizing your active user base by surveying them in-app to boost response rate and user engagement at the same time. In fact, open-form feedback surveys will work well for you since your users will be able to express their experience with your mobile app. Qualaroo’s sentiment analysis will help you analyze verbatim feedback to understand users’ emotions related to the updates in the form of the word cloud. Check out the tool for yourself because it has other features that might be useful to you.