Do you think we should keep daylight savings?

Aaron O'Leary
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I case you missed it Europe's clocks went back an hour this Sunday gone, a whole week before the U.S. To me, the whole daylight savings system just creates unneeded stress. People late for work (it happens every year) across every industry, shipping logistics become a pain, those working the night shift when it happens to get treated to an entire extra hour of work. To me it just makes little sense, what do you think?


Ana Bibikova
This "time shift" is a total disaster. Especially, if some countries go for it, some don't and some choose different days to move clocks' hands forward or backward. It's such a mess. I had Zoom meetings scheduled last week with people, whose location I'm not really certain about. Now I have to contact them again to confirm their time zone and figure out where I have to make changes in my own schedule.
I think it’s pointless. I’m fine with getting used to the shift in daylight hours, depending on where in the world I live. It’s like seasonal changes.
Moritz Wobith
In the past it was a useful tool for the economy but nowadays it is in my opinion really useless. I would stay in the summer time!
Judith Ackerman
+++ totally agree. It's a huge mess and just to save some daylight (!) we stay in the dark for one more hour in the afternoons which is the most active time for most people. On a personal level it looks like does more harm than good.
alan jones
It's two days a year in which you have to adjust, get a grip. For most of us, our smartphone, smartwatch and computer all automatically change. I'm sorry you get Zoom anxiety when timezones change but hey, spend more time speaking to people outside the US and not only will it be good for your startup's future global domination, it will help you get ready for the much bigger shock you'll feel when you realise IT'S ALREADY TOMORROW IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND! 😂 (Also, we all use the metric system — when are you switching over?)
Logan Johnson
Sunset should always be 7pm+. I absolutely hate when it get's dark at 4:30pm in the dead of winter.
Rita Miklós
Yes, indeed, it creates a bit of a mess in our biorhythms, but think about how it decreases energy consumption.
Karl Nislow
Or we just implement UTC as a standard. Agree it's all quite silly. (