Which app are you most likely to download?

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1. A social network for all your moods 2. An app that lets you express yourself while protecting who you are 3. An app that lets you find your pillars of strength. 4. Suggest a line that comes to your head after reading all of the above.


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Why don't you add an open answer as a 4th option as long as you're running a survey anyway? Community here might suggest some ideas that would work out even better:)
@anab Hi, this is a good suggestion, thanks!
I like option 3. I will definitely download that
@alexandragc Hey! thanks for your feedback, can you elaborate more on why you would be interested and what can you understand from finding your pillars of strength.
@sanjana1 Sometimes we go through rough times (work, situations, diseases..) and occasionally our friends or family haven't go through similar situations so they do help us by listening but they dont know how it is to experience something like it. To find people that have gone through the same situation and be able to talk to them and get their help I think it will be so good. This was my though when I read your post not sure if that is what you meant...Hope it helps!
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I will go with option three
Option 2 and 3.