We had an awesome Product Hunt Launch.... Now What?

Jack Rocco Marchese
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Hey All, Our business Keylitic launched the other day and we did really well with over +1000 upvotes and still climbing days later. We have been featured on some other websites as well as a result of our launch which is still driving people to our website in droves. Question is... what's the next move do you guys/gals think? We collected some feedback and have been constantly talking to customers, leads and visitors and it's already allowed us to build another feature which we may launch on here within the next 1-2 months. But we really want to keep up this momentum! Any thoughts about things you guys focused on post-launch would be super helpful!


Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
Many struggle at this. I'd suggest to put each and every activity on twitter, indiehackers etc and keeps on doing that with no pause. People will inquire itself. Post with milestones. Anyways you always have the option of paid promotions.
@aarvy One of the problem you may face is that many simply exchange likes and follows. You followed me so I'll follow you. Just as courtesy move. In the end it means that most of the follower may be won't care about your product and won't even know what you're doing.
Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
@aarvy @andrey_mi Yeah its a slow move, Not everyone is your customer, main goal is to increase visibility so that they may recommend someone someday. Kind of passive growth. However if you want instant sales then curate contacts of those who are struggling and can be benefited from your product. Extract their emails from social media and using tools like hunter. Contact directly to them.
Jasper Ruijs
Give interested people a reason to return. Here are some free ideas for engaging content, ask a youtuber to feature your platform for free access, ask the community if they desire API integrations with other platforms, build a slack/telegram/discord group, etc. In growth hacking, you should focus on returning customers, the low hanging fruit. Therefore, I would focus on the onboarding flow. Where in the funnel can conversion be optimized? For example, you could experiment with Notifia https://notifia.io/, to increase sales. Most people are more likely to subscribe if they see other doing it at the same time. In my opinion, when the hype train has passed, updates won't be enough when the platform has launched. Like if your marketing budget dries up, customers should have reason to return to your platform. I wish you good luck. You have succeeded in giving a good first impression. Now it is time to make every customer your friend. Focus on storytelling, community building, and audience interaction.