What can we do for newbie and struggling entrepreneurs?

Junior Owolabi
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Hi, we are developing a platform targeted towards newbie and struggling entrepreneurs. We are trying to simplify the initial stage of customer development (get you from a bunch of assumptions to an actual customer-focused solution). We are creating a platform to tackle to following: The complexities of identifying if the problem you are trying to solve is really a problem, who your target audience is, who your competitors (their pros/cons), if you are tackling a problem that urgently needs to be solved, etc. Is the solution you want to develop, feasible (capital, skillset & time), do your target customers like it, are they willing to pay for it, can you maintain it and still be profitable. If you feel the above are pain points for you, would you consider chatting with us about your prior and current experiences are with coming up with a business idea or attempt with starting a business?


I think it's very tough as well as important for struggling entrepreneurs to understand users. There should be a medium to get in touch with users and get a constructive feedback from potential users.
Jack Rocco Marchese
You sort of eluded to this but really trying to identify that product/market fit. Even with a marketing background it's something I still struggle with. I think people get excited about an idea but don't really think about WHO would be buying it and WHY. That should probably be tackled earlier in the startup process.
Jasper Ruijs
I am an entrepreneur who has failed six times, and I am very familiar with those pain points. You can interview me if you need a Mum test interview. You can find my contact data at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasp... under info/bio.
Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
We in general can provide the easy to available resources and guidance in their niche,
Aniruddha Ingle
I really love the saying, "Without Data, It's just an Opinion." There needs to be a good, transparent platform that leverages all our modern communications networks and technologies to gather data about the problem we are trying to solve and the demographic that is pleased by the solution. All Ideas are great Ideas when we come up with them. However, not all great ideas lead to great solutions. I think as counterintuitive as it may sound, in my humble opinion, I think the first step for a newbie or entrepreneur is to figure out if your great idea will become a great solution. That - as a service - would be really intriguing and beneficial.
Junior Owolabi
@aniruddha_ingle1 great response. I'm collating target customer interview data on this problem, to develop a platform that provides a technology to efficiently solve the issue of problem and solution validation, https://www.prepxus.com/
Aniruddha Ingle
@aniruddha_ingle1 @rilwan_owolabi1 That is awesome! I would love to talk more about this, if you have the willingness. Please let me know how we can continue our correspondence. Have a lovely day!
Definitely love that you're helping makers identifying the problem they are trying to solve. One aspect that would be interesting is helping understand failures. Failing isn't bad and shouldn't be negative but I feel the emotional toll it can take prevents people to take it as a positive. It'd be awesome if there was some tool that not only guided makers on delivering an MVP but also helped them understand learnings from failures, not just successes.
Jensen Chen
How to find a good partner at early stage? Tell them how to find and where to find ? How to tackle the problem with partner? I think it is important. Maybe we can talk about these, I can share my story with you. Hope it is useful for you.
Promise Emeka
How do I chat with you privately? I'm exactly at that point right now with one of our startups.
Junior Owolabi
@promise_emeka email me a rilwanj@prepxus.com with your country timezone, availability and ideal time for a 15 - 30 minute interview; then we can book a zoom meeting to discuss your pain points