Do you suffer from Zoom-Fatigue? What do you do about it?

Sam Bauer
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Do you also feel zoom-fatigue after your workday? - feeling more exhausted, drained and physically tired at the end of the day - strain on the eyes - feeling isolated - a lack of personal connection How would you describe it? Give me your tips and remedies!


I try to have my blue-lens glasses and the blue light filters on my computer active for long calls. I also have a stand that raises my computer so I look straight or slightly up to help relieve strain (allows me to take calls standing as well). WATER - drink water and keep hydrated. Staring at the screen also dehydrates your body (eyes), so drinking water will help you feel more energetic. For personal connection, if you can, go for a walk, meet the neighbors, visit a local shop during your breaks. Just a friendly smile can go a long way.
yes, @gabe__perez true, but perhaps we should also question our lifestyles a bit when we have to rehydrate because of computer overuse (I'm talking esp. about myself - I'm somehow a total addict)
Mohamed Mezian
Zoom meetings should be kept short and efficient. As a general rule, you should try avoiding anything beyond 1 hour meetings.
@augurisk true, but then you open up the space for more meetings :) many people complain about back2back meetings, what I read
Katrin Kaurov
I feel going for a run or long walk outside, practicing yoga does wonders to me! It's so important to keep yourself still physically active when working from home :)
@katrin_kaurov1 It sounds perhaps a bit weird, but we are designing our conference-tool in a way that you can participate in a meeting even while running, hiking... as as long as you have connection somehow. We try to turn the idea around in that way that your brain is presumably more productive and innovative when it obtains holistic signals from nature instead of sitting for hours every day in front of computer screen captured in an (home/)office. The idea is to give people the opportunity to move while working, to free up their movement from schedule restrictions. So that nano-balancing of work and life becomes possible and a more integrated lifestyle evolves. I know, this also bears the dangers of overwork... perhaps a question of enhanced self-responsibility? I'm super excited to see the impact once we are out.
hi, you have the ability to use microsoft and google tools and even IBM by going through my one of my sites
Fritz Brumder
Changing up the tools that you use can be helpful. I use a variety of video chat apps for specific interactions. They all feel a little different and create a different connection with others.
Hey @fritzly, good point - we are building such a tool and are currently betting on that insight of the users. But I started building it already years ago, only took me so long to design it and bring in enough money for the prototype - so it's not a reaction to Covid more an anticipation of remote collaboration.
Fritz Brumder
@fritzly @timz_flowers Huge believer in the space and a lot of opportunity. There is this fine balance between features, target market and a tool that can scale to many users. I am on the same journey ( and was founder of prior to this. Nice avatar icon BTW.
Hey @fritzly and @lluis_m_ventura we should combine our powers for an async-first-guild - at the moment we are weak and fresh, but this will change with our success - and are cool, and we could combine our powers
Lluís Ventura
@fritzly @lluis_m_ventura @timz_flowers Sure thing! Happy to do something together. At least in terms of async-first movement. Coblogging can be a good start!
Fritz Brumder
@fritzly @lluis_m_ventura @timz_flowers Interesting to connect the 3 of us. We have started on the sync video side but do have a vision for a-sync we can brainstorm around. Co-blogging is a good place to start for sure. Let's connect directly. fbrumder[at]gmail
Lluís Ventura
HI Sam! Yes, Zoom fatigue is real, but alternatives need to be able to provide same outcomes; the main problem in my opinion is that the way we work is changing, so the way we meet will need to evolve as well! Async-first is key for the future (+remote, flexible and respectful work), and use async when it is really needed That what we at or you at Timz are trying to do! Congrats. Happy to be in touch! Good Luck!
Hi @lluis_m_ventura, cool - I think it's a huge market - enough space for more than one supplier, welcome!!
Aaron O'Leary
I think it's about the lead up more than anything. - Take regular breaks throughout the day -Exercise -Keep well fed etc, all things that help with you staying fit and able throughout the day should keep zoom fatigue down.
Lauren Proctor
I absolutely despise the time I spend in meetings. Here's what I do: - For my own team, I started hosted meetings around the campfire in Red Dead Redemption. When Snowman releases Skate City we're going to explore moving there for meetings. - Started limiting meetings to 30 minutes (as much as possible) - Depending on my relationship with clients, I started full on moving around during the video. For example, I might say, "I think better when I stand up and walk around. Would you mind if we talk while I walk a bit?" Most of the time the person responds with something like, "Oh my gosh. Yes! I'm going to do the same!" One of my clients even started lifting weights during our calls. There's nothing worse than feeling stuck on Zoom. Hope you find freedom (whatever it looks like).
Sarah Jordi
My team and I are working on an Audio platform (still in Beta) for that exact reason. Zoom fatigue is real and while video communication can be great and very useful, it is not always necessary. People don't always want to be watched and at least for me, it is sometimes also annoying to always make sure that I look "good/presentable", that my background is alright, that my posture is upright and that I join from an acceptable location. How we deal with this as a small team: - Maximum one video call per day - Limit calls to 15 or 30 minutes (Rarely ever do things need to be discussed for longer than 30min) - We encourage everyone to do certain calls while on a walk, only turning on audio. No video. (For conversations that don't require everyone staring at a screen) - We have meeting-free mornings or full days to give everyone the opportunity to focus on work - For creative discussions we sometimes meet with video at lunch time and everyone eats and discusses Yep, that's about it I guess. :)