What's the best landing page tool?

Yalin Solmaz
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Hi all! We're in the process of creating our landing page (along with PH Ship page of course) to get interested beta users for our new app. I have used Wix in the past and find them very cumbersome. I'm looking for a lightweight, easy to use, customizable, no-code website builder that links with Mailchimp and allows for api links, etc. Is Wordpress the best here? Or is there a newcomer on the block we can try instead. I'm all for using fellow startups! :) What do you recommend? Why? THANK YOU!! Yalin


karmjit singh
I have used Github pages with Jekyll. Configured the Github pages with custom domain. Here is my landing page Https://ReceiptsCo.app
Jonas Bärtsch
I've built my own from scratch, used Drupal, Wordpress, Unbounce and a few others. My recommendation for now: @alexanderisora is rocking unicorn and I am loving it. Unicorn Platform 🦄
Yalin Solmaz
@alexanderisora @jonas_bartsch ooh what a telling name for a product! :) I'll check it out.
Yalin Solmaz
@jonas_bartsch @filmique @alexanderisora So I ended up using Unicorn Platform. OMG so much better than Wix or even Wordpress. I had the site sorted and launched within a few hours with a few APIs hooked up too. Just wanted to let you know! Thanks again for the advice! The site is www.multytude.com if you're interested to see it. :)
@jonas_bartsch @filmique @alexanderisora Multytude is damn gorgeous. Congratulations! P.S.: I re-tweeted your kind testimonial: https://twitter.com/unicornplatf...
Lost Soul...
No code... Squarespace or Webflow would be my recommendations. I lean towards Squarespace.
Yalin Solmaz
@garrettbear Thanks! Will check out squarespace. I always associated them with ecommerce so never thought of them as just a landing page provider.
Yalin Solmaz
@dinesh_authota this is really interesting! But I see this as an addition to an existing landing page to increase engagement. First, I need a landing page. :)
Lluís Ventura
We used unbounce (https://unbounce.com/) for the first landing pages of comeet.me. Super simple for everyone and it works!
Judith Ackerman
Unbounce or if looking for something simple even Mailchimp.
Mohamed Mezian
We're launching a new platform that's really cool and easy to use, unlike wix. It's specially good for startups. Send me a private message and I'd be glad to give a pro account for free!
Yalin Solmaz
@augurisk sounds intriguing. When is the launch planned?