The quality gap between a custom and generated landing page is too huge.

I want to make a high-end design affordable for bootstrapped startups, makers and indie hackers.

Unicorn Platform is equipped with dozens of pretty components, built-in MailChimp integration and a huge variety of predesigned templates.

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⚠️ Important ⚠️ Please check the v2.0 of Unicorn Platform to read the latest reviews and description. Thanks! Hi fellows. For the last few months, I've been building something cool. Unicorn Platform is a static landing page generator for startups. Let's see what is special about it. About A landing page is not just a bunch of text 'n' pics to throw to your customers. And it is more than a marketing tool. Your landing page is the face of your startup. Your audience subconsciously perceives the team, the product, the investor's board, the founders by looking at your LP. That is why one should not just throw some blocks from a free HTML template and get just fine LP. A website is an important thing, not just a checkbox in your todo list. If your website offers more: it's friendly, entertaining, engaging, intriguing - you get much more loyal and interested clients. Your business grows faster πŸ™‚ Making a creative LP is a hard task. Unicorn Platform is aimed to help you create a humanized website. Product Currently, Unicorn Platform is a static landing page generator. It produces HTML templates. After exporting your should edit content in a text editor such as SublimeText. This is just the very first iteration (see changelog). Unicorn Platform will grow into a mature horsie and will get it's own online editor, hosting and many more innovative features. Here are some websites made with Unicorn Platform: - - minimalistic text sharing tool by Ferruccio is the first real user of Unicorn Platform. - Notion - notes, tasks, wikis, tables - all in one place. Since I love Notion a lot I've decided to create an example of what Notion LP would look like if their landing has been made with Unicorn Platform. (Lillie from Notion gladly allowed me to do that). Pricing Pro subscription costs $120 per year. It will unlock all Pro components and templates. Additionally, for $180 you can purchase a life-time access to Unicorn Platform. It gives full access to the current and all future versions of the website builder - including the version with hosting (yes, you will not be charged monthly unlike regular users). The lifetime deal will disappear on the 31st of October or until all 50 slots are bought (see the current presale state on the homepage). All users (Pro & Free) get all updates and tech support. Update: the Lifetime Deal Subscriptions are sold out. Thanks everybody for the contribution and support. Here is the report. Bonus to Product Hunters 🎁 All users who become Pro today (until 28th of September 11:59 p.m. PST.) will get +2 bonus months of Pro subscription. Follow le Updates - Slack channel - get support & inspiration here. - Twitter - when bored in WC πŸ˜‚ - Facebook - I must have a FB page I guess, mb delete it in future. - Instagram - photos of real unicorns. Thanks for your attention! P.S.: big thanks to @chrismessina for hunting and supporting the project πŸ˜—
@ferruccio @chrismessina @alexanderisora hey there alex happy to be the first user!!
@ferruccio Thank you. I will never forget that 😎
@alexanderisora Very useful. Thanks for making this Alexander

I've used this few weeks ago & was absolutely in awe of it. The design is really clean & the templates are so amazing. Its the most modern landing page generator I've ever seen & that too made by a solo person in very less time.


The best template builder I've ever seen



Used this for the launch of and I couldn’t have made a better decision!


Amazing templates! Extremely high quality components


When exporting the CSS contains also the components you didn’t include

Thanks for the review @frcbls! Assets exporting process should be definitely smarter - I will pay attention in the future updates.
@alexanderisora this looks really nice, great job! from your website i wasn't sure if it's possible to export the html/css, but based on the comments here it seems to be possible?
@philip_kallberg Hey Philip, thanks for your comment. I think I need to make this aspect more clear. Yeah, you can export HTML code of a landing page.

If you know basic HTML/CSS you already have the knowledge to customize ANYTHING. There is no learning curve for using this product.


Great looking components, straightforward flow, easy to host


Would love to edit everything in Chrome dev tools. Not sure how.

Sup Kaspar, thanks for the idea. I'm not sure what to say because because I know a little about this Chrome Dev feature. But the potential of this approach may be colossal. Definitely going to research it after the PH campaign.