I need a new phone 📱

Bishal Saha
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Just asking 🤖


Roman Velitskiy
If you don't care about 5G, then go with 11 Pro. The 12 series is a new-gen lineup which, like each time throughout the iPhone history, will have issues that will be fixed in the next iteration.
Mohamed Mezian
I heard you can get a pretty good deal for the 11 now. However, if you're into Augmented reality, and want to test first-hand AR apps then you should go for the 12 PRO
Lorthemar Theiron
If you're just looking for a new phone, get an iPhone 7 if you're adamant about getting an iPhone. It's sturdy and has no issues. Especially if it's sooo expensive as you just said in the comments. I honestly don't see the appeal in giving a mobile phone $1700+ unless it's seriously integral to your business.
Solomon David
With just $829, you can get yourself an iPhone 12 with 5G connectivity. It's a good deal