Which would you choose and why?

Bishal Saha
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Also leave comments if you use more than one.


Chris Wray
I like Vue because of the documentation. That is really it. For me, I am a new developer, and having great documentation to go back to for help has been the number one reason why I have stuck with Vue. I probably could have got React if I had understood Javascript better when I started, but since I was pretty new to Javascript as well, it was way over my head.
Sumit Datta [dwata] 👋
I have been developing with React for 4 years now and see no reason to change to anything else. I do experiment within the React app itself. Like I moved away from Redux to Zustand for state management recently. Over the years I have built (with team) some complex apps with React and never regretted the choice. If you are curious about an ongoing large-ish app please feel free to check my product's source. In short the webapp: - listens to the backend API - transforms data (the API uses a very compact format) - supports tabular data to be viewed in Grid, Kanban, Calendar, Gallery formats - has data-type specific widgets (datetime, integer) to display data - has a row-level generator for the to-be-rendered row to not call the data-type checking each row - data-type aware widgets for searching data - many of the widget / views can be embedded into others - simple recursive layouts ...etc.