Is it a bad idea to launch near election week?

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Hi PH! I'm planning on launching my latest product in the coming weeks. My only concern is whether the US election will have a negative effect on the success of the launch! I.e. How many people will be browsing the news rather than Product Hunt…? Will people’s attention be captured by the election and not new stuff online…? What are your thoughts?!


Roman Velitskiy
There's much truth in what you're saying, but on the flip side - there will always be some distracting factors. Things of nation- and worldwide importance happen every day so you can't really consider them all. I'd say, keep it in mind, but not too much. The ones truly interested in your product will come to you anyway.
Mohamed Mezian
I can tell you Facebook and Google are already getting pretty annoying with their moderation rules. Many ads are getting rejected. It depends on your industry, and whether you can surf on political trends with your product. I don't think this should be a problem though, unless you launch 3-4 days before the elections
Matthew Johnson
This is a really good question. I'd imagine you will see less traffic on sites like Product Hunt, plus there might be a lot of products launched related to the election (similar to how there were a ton of covid-related products) so you might get lost in that noise. My guess is that it won't make too meaningful of an impact, but that's mostly speculation.
Lost Soul...
If it's for Ziago, then I say launch it and make a drinking game for election day 😂