How do I validate demand for this idea?

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It's a marketplace where global manufacturers/wholesalers can connect directly with consumers. They can post their products at wholesale prices and decide how many people need to purchase the deal for it to be shipped out. Let's say they choose 100 consumers. If they don't meet the number, the customers get a refund. This would be for items not sold in your country. Are there any startups out there doing this? How do I validate demand for this on the consumer and manufacturer/wholesale side?


Roman Velitskiy
This sounds compelling, but I'm afraid the logistics behind this and the number of shipping companies the manufacturers will have to work with will be a nightmare.
@rvelitskiy Yes after reading the post, you are right. Ignore the logistics for now and assume factors such as political and economic legislations across borders. Any way, man do go to the moon now, it could be easier. How are apps like doing it?