What feature(s) of Product Hunt do you like and dislike?

Vineeth Nair
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Eric Fettner
At it's core, I love the ability to create collections and save products. I use it that feature when I need to go back to find a great product that I need to use, try or share with a friend.
Jesse Jensen
I like to discover new technology on product hunt. I was not excited when I first stumbled upon the site, since I didn't see a need for it at the time. • I like the Orange cat • Creating collections and organizing the products I find. • Getting to ask the Makers real questions, like what makes your product different? Etc. But now I am addicted. :P There are some things that I want to see in the future though: • Where certain products are launched can be shown by region (regions available in or available worldwide), like there may be a cool product in Britain but I am in America and don't want to pay more. • Where do I add emojis on here without going to emojipedia? • When a product no longer exists, I would get a notification. Then make a sad face :( That's it.
Vineeth Nair
@jessehojjensen Orange Cat has a different base. I remember collecting more and more of those stickers. That will be a cool feature, like a filtering system, to get to see specific regional products.
Sergey Shihaleev
I love minimum restrictions and user-friendy interface. Yet there are too many rules, that are quite difficult to remember nd follow at once.
Vineeth Nair
@sergeyshihaleev True. Even with the existence of platforms like BetaList and BetaPage. Do you think PH lack a good competitor? I believe healthy competitions bring the best out a product/service.
Ana Bibikova
Awesome topic to discuss! I actually like the rules that tell everyone to be helpful and contribute as it makes PH self-reproducing and more sustainable. It guarantees not only friendly experience for everyone but the constant growth of the platform itself. It's a great idea to build a network upon. I only regret that it's so software focused. Why there're so few physical products here? Well, I know that you can "hunt" for physical goods on Kickstarter, but the later has many restrictions as well. I guess if PH becomes more physical eventually no one would be upset
Vineeth Nair
@anab True that we don't get to see more of physical goods here :(
Marquis Kurt
I haven't used Product Hunt for long enough to comment on the features, but I hope talking about my experience with it so far can suffice. Overall, working with Product Hunt has been great, and I'm glad that people are taking interest in some of the work I'm doing through this platform. My only criticism for the platform as of right now isn't even really related with the platform, but more so the communications I've been receiving from people on Product Hunt. I keep getting emails and messages about offers of "boosting" or upvoting my work on Product Hunt. I'm not open to that because I feel it isn't honest, and it doesn't help me gain crucial feedback from people like you about the work I do. So far, I've just been declining them with this explanation, but I hope I'll be receiving less emails with this kind of request.
Sergey Shihaleev
@marquiskurt0 Sure, Upvote is upvote! This should be fair. Elsewise, this does not make any sense it what is being done currently!
Vineeth Nair
@marquiskurt0 That sounds terrible :( I think a team/one should work more on their product that it speaks for itself. Smart hard work will always pay off in the end.
Sergey Shihaleev
BTW, it sometimes is a nightmare to get statistics from PH? Is there any lifehack?