Are we ready?

Paul de Fombelle
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We are about to launch on PH. The tough question for us is to determine when the product is mature enough to be sexy enough for the community. Can we please have your feedback? the good thing about our product is that you can, really, I promise, make your mind in less than 3 minutes. You can reach @romaincauchy or myself (open DMs on Twitter) or tell us how to reach you in the comments here. We will send you a direct access to our product. Thank you so much!


Paul de Fombelle
I won't spoil the product but here come some ideas in our backlog: - include profile pictures from social medias - add templates depending on calendar events (BlackFriday, Christmas...) - remove the brutal signup form and make it a seamless process depending on the needs - more complete logos, less brand icons - include custom text content from website metas - include specific pictures depending on the vertical - connect to LinkedIn to complete with personal data - enrich color scheme with 2-3 colors instead of one ... Your feedback will be great to complete the list with new ideas, and to prioritize those items in our short-term roadmap.
Aaron O'Leary
It's always super hard determining when to launch! I have a rule of thumb when launching. Can it do the core features you want it to do? Say you have 3 core features that are a must, can it do them? All other features can be thought about second to the core features. Is it an enjoyable experience? This can come down to UX / Onboarding and some other factors, iron out any major bugs, see is it easy enough to get a grip of using it. Is it ready? Again, right back to your own question. Look at it, can you see it handling an influx well? Do you have a plan post-launch to keep the momentum going? I think these 3 questions are paramount to launching, hope it all goes well for you!
Paul de Fombelle
@aaronoleary Thank you for your answer Aaron. I like how you summarized the challenge. I'd say in our case that we can answer yes for questions 1 and 3. The deal is question 2, but not really about UX (it's pretty simple), rather about the result it provides. It's already useful, but is the result immediately satisfying enough to generate a wow effect? That's the question! Do you want to give it a try?
Romain Cauchy
@sansa Hi! How can we DM you our product link? :)
Romain Cauchy
@sansa Haha actually my question was : how?
Amira Mansour
@romaincauchy Haha sorry about that. Hm you can reach me on twitter otherwise '@sansa' :). I just added you on Linkedin as well!