K me more, K me more, did you get very far?

Paul de Fombelle
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I guess I should be aware already but... what about this mysterious "k" next to my name on my PH profile? I understand it's related to some sort of points system? is it some kind of challenge? Is there a prize? I love prizes! A prize, a prize!


Paul de Fombelle
And for the philosophers among us: is it ok to upvote your own question?
5 Answers
Amira Mansour
@paulodef Haha. Love the question. I am not a philosopher but I am gonna share what have seen so far. In the product I've been creating (with my team) there's a phase where you can either upvote your own answer or decide to upvote another answer from someone else. So, the result so far has been: more people tend to upvote other answers rather than their owns! Again, I am not a philosopher so won't be able to give more insights about that haha. But would love to read a comment here from a philosopher!
Jacqueline von Tesmar
The medal next your name (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) indicates the amount of points you've accumulated by contributing across Product Hunt. You can earn points by actively contributing across Product Hunt. Contributing includes: posting products, creating discussions, sharing goals, and engaging in conversations. You'll gain points when other community members upvote, cheer, or in any way appreciate your contribution. 🏆
Tanya Volkova
makes me want to get that K too :)) lol