What are the some tips to increase followers on a brand new Instagram page?

Asif K
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Roman Velitskiy
First and foremost you have to decide what business KPI will your Instagram page enhance and which audience you're targeting. The general tip is definitely, like on any social platform, increasing posting and interaction activity. But depending on the niche you're trying to take the overall strategy may vary by a lot.
Sergey Shihaleev
The first step is to seek for your TA, of course! Good luck!
Latoya Hall
I think Roman's suggestion of knowing which KPI is important to you is very important. However to answer your question I would say: 1. Do Hashtag research - find your niche on instagram and post using the right hashtags for your niche. You can have up to 30 hash tags so use all 30. The most important thing is to be mindful that you want to find niches on IG that aren't super saturated yet. 2. Post regular content - you can schedule this content in advance using tools like planoly and later. 3. Post videos and reels - these are always going to rank super highly on IG. So definitely use that to you advantage. Go live on IG too! Use this in conjuction with your hashtags. 4. Drive traffic to your IG through other tools - if you have a youtube channel or Tiktok make sure you add a link to your IG on those platforms. PS - Tik Tok is SOOOOO good for getting your content discovered. I almost think growing on Tik Tok is better than growing on IG! You can repost your Tik tok Content on IG! Use the hashtag strategy on Tik Tok as well (Tik tok only gives you 20 hashtags) 5. Drive traffic and engagement to your page by leveraging other people's audiences. Find podcasters, influencers, etc in your niche and build relationships with them, see if you can create a partnership of some kind where they promote you/your business in exchange for a fee. 6. Find your competitors and target your competitors followers. As long as your IG bio and posts are hyper primed in a way that you're speaking to exactly who you want to attract, you can start scraping your competitors followers by liking and commenting on their stuff. They'll then look at your page and either decide to follow you or not based upon what your profile looks like. 7. Use a growth tool that can automate your likes and comments for you (do this with caution though, IG will be quick to ban you if you have really unrealistic activity on your account..you basically want to prime your IG account for growth. Start off with a few automated likes, follows, and comments here and there, and gradually scale these activities up week by week. 8. Leverage Pinterest. Pinterest is an INSANE traffic driver! Maybe you can try to post a pin on pinterest but have it link to your IG or something (I haven't tried this method, but could be an interesting approach).
Jasper Ruijs
1) Make High-Quality Content, engaging, short, and to the point 2) Post Consistently at the Same Time What I usually do is following brands or page selling something similar (with at least 10k followers, then go to their follower's list. After you post, add people with a story from that list. So you are sure they are active users. Most people grow about 100 followers per week. It is super boring, but it works. So sad that Instagram banned bots. You will always have more people you follow than followers, but most people don't care about that; neither does their algorithm.
Sanja Komljenovic
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Sergey Shihaleev
Same as Telegram and other messengers or Social, I guess. But ti is just in general. Firstly, your product should be interesting to your target audience...