How do you discover new podcasts?

Sam Oshins
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I don't love just scrolling through apple podcasts, and I don't trust just like top charts. Beyond just asking friends, where do you find your fave new podcasts? OR: What are your current favorite podcasts? Share those too!


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Criminal is still my top favorite.
@jacqvon oooh will have to give it a listen!
I'm using Shuffle Beta at the moment, lets me discover bite sized pieces of new podcasts
Alex voice search because I don't have to touch my phone.
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I use Likewise: (where you can discover books, podcasts, movies, shows that fits your interests by 'liking' or 'saving' certain posts). ENJOY!!
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I'm making just that! It's a social podcast app (Repod) to help you share and discover new podcasts (especially episodes). You can find the app at