How do you discover new podcasts?

Sam Oshins
7 replies
I don't love just scrolling through apple podcasts, and I don't trust just like top charts. Beyond just asking friends, where do you find your fave new podcasts? OR: What are your current favorite podcasts? Share those too!


Aaron O'Leary
I'm using Shuffle Beta at the moment, lets me discover bite sized pieces of new podcasts
Alex Rendon
Alex voice search because I don't have to touch my phone.
Unica Le
I use Likewise: (where you can discover books, podcasts, movies, shows that fits your interests by 'liking' or 'saving' certain posts). ENJOY!!
Karl Nislow
Luminary Huge fan of Love + Radio!
Travis Osterhaus
I'm making just that! It's a social podcast app (Repod) to help you share and discover new podcasts (especially episodes). You can find the app at