Where do you go to learn how to build and ship products better?

Rob Hough
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Does anyone use any resources, courses, books or whatever? If so, how often should someone learn this stuff and how effective are you at actually implementing stuff you learn into your team.


Saurabh Yadav
Zero to One was an eye-opener book for me.
The Lean Startup The Innovator's dilemma Competing against luck The Mom Test Zero To One Get Together Zero To Sold Etc. They all offer insights into this stuff. I'm also trying to summarise insights in my blog if it helps (https://thestartup.substack.com).
Neil Mathew
i've recently started reading the newsletter by @lenny_rachitsky and it's been a huge help. Check it out - https://www.lennyrachitsky.com/
Roman Velitskiy
Analyzing a product website content and advertising evolution history with archive.org is of much help. For mobile game dev, there are great services like AppMagic that let you see the download graphs, ratings, and reviews throughout the updates. Sorry, that's too specific, I know :D The point is - anything, that exposes a product iterations, has incredible value for you to learn from others' mistakes.
Guido Knook
One of my favorite books has been User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton - it's the best description of the process of developing a product that I know of. Combining lean/agile and design thinking to name a few buzzwords, without the book itself being buzzword-y ;) -> https://www.jpattonassociates.co...