Is there any good tool for "content discovery" you would like to suggest?

Samiksha Seth
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Maryna Burushkina
Try Neuro Flash - a solid topic discovery tool with embedded SEO and neuroscience together (
Jasper Ruijs
Back in the days, you had Stumbleupon. Now it is called Mix ( Personally, I like Medium ( because it has only high-quality writing. Quora ( and Youtube are also good friends if you know what you are looking for.
Samiksha Seth
@jas801 Thanks but I guess thats the million dollar question now. WHen I start looking for somethign these algos show me very related stuff that after a time seems boring/mundane. So how do I get over it is what I wonder...
Jasper Ruijs
@samiska seth When I don't know what you are curious in, I make these questions: 1. Which people do I see as a role model? 2. Which skills do they have to get where they are? 3. Which skill should prioritise? 4. How can I teach myself this skill? Then I subscribe channels who serve my interest and once in while I remover all the channels who are no longer serving me to teach to algorithm to change with me. We can only create after we destroy. In reality the one can't live without the other.
Ben Brausen
I'm a big fan of Feedly.