Do you spontaneously hunt products without speaking with the founders/makers?

Forster Perelsztejn
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I see people hunting multiple products. Is there some kind of discussion with the maker so as to maximize impact for the launch? Or do you simply hunt products you believe are worth sharing?


Samiksha Seth
yes I just hunt products, and if they click make sure to respond to the makers ...
Ali Rajool
I've not hunted a product yet, but as I know PH, people hunt a product if it's interesting. no matter they could find the maker or not.
Sanaz Bidad
Sometimes, I just hunting if it's interesting, on the other hand, I review the website of the product and discussion with the maker:)
Aleksandra Sztemberg
To be honest, I think that you can sabotage someone's product this way. We have been preparing for the launch and chose the right moment for it. It could be that the product is not in the right stage and it won't get any traction. This way, you might take away their chance to launch at the right moment. Also, in case it does get traction because of the launch, they might not have the capacity at this unexpected moment to respond well to it. I think you are lucky if one of the few Top Hunters does hunt your product, but I would not do that to other makes without consulting that with them first.
Forster Perelsztejn
@aleksandraszte2 yeah that's my feeling, maybe it's misguided but it just seems odd if you don't know the makers at all
Aleksandra Sztemberg
@forster_perelsztejn1 Yeah, exactly. I feel you should always contact the makers if you do this, just in case.