Do you think about build trust, strengthen relationships, succeed as a team?

Sanaz Bidad
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We use Officevibe in the company. It is a simple engagement platform for busy managers who care as much about their people as performance. what do you use to build trust in your company?


Some wee (banal) things: To build trust, try to foster an environment where people help each other with tasks. Trust builds when people can rely on others to help them. Smoke breaks strengthen relationships - not the healthiest option, but also works even if there's only 1 smoker, but their teammates use the chance to join them. Succeed as a team by having people care about the product and the development of the company as a whole.
Nathan Svirsky
I'm a big believer that one of the best ways to build trust and strengthen relationships is actually through FUN - especially when times are tough. The benefits cross over into the work environment and help create a successful, and unified team. I actually wrote an article about it recently which backs this up with scientific evidence πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ If you'd like to try HomeWerk out with your team for FREE just let me know and I'd be happy to have you onboard - especially if we can prove that we've been able to benefit areas around trust and creating better relationships 🀜 πŸ€›
Sanaz Bidad
Dear @homewerk @nathansvirsky I studied your article together with I completely agree with this sentence "So, for the sake of your happiness, next time you work hard, don’t forget to play hard too! I feeling less-isolated and happier after playing a quiz with my colleagues in my company:) Do you have any idea for this days (pandemic)? Thank you for your time:)
Nathan Svirsky
@homewerk @sanaz_bidad I'm glad you found it interesting! If you want to try HomeWerk as way to keep your team connected I'd be happy to get you onboard. However, if you're looking for wider ideas about how to keep in check I would suggest the following: - define clear goals with the team - create clear values and expectations for ALL team members - regularly check-in on one another - get onto slack and create dedicated "fun" channels Loads more I'm missing but there's done of blog which discuss this in more detail. Hope it helps!
Sanaz Bidad
@homewerk @nathansvirsky I have to personally thank you for your kind consideration. I have enjoyed the way you work and have an ambitious mind reaching through your goals. After having some thoughts, I do believe that is not possible to have a constructive cooperation under current situation and unfortunately I have to refuse your kind offer. May we cross again in near future. πŸ’«βœ¨
Ali Rajool
Just start with being honest with all of your co-workers! Tools don't build trust.