How do you find what to watch?

Joel Barenco
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Hello Makers! I believe a lot of video streaming users are struggling too much when it comes the time to find something to watch. I have the idea of improving recommendations to include not only the taste of the viewer, but also its mood and who he is watching with. My questions: 1) would such a solution be interesting to you? 2) Would you rather have it delivered to you with AI (pick mood + a few movies system) or by a community of user (request + answers system)?


Jasper Ruijs
1. Not really, I use Netflix and Amazon Prime, and I think the algorithm does a good job. 2. It would be interesting to see what others in my charter/group are watching based on my viewer data.
Samiksha Seth
I would love to have something like this. I really looking for a sensible content discovery. Most of the algos on prime, netflix keep showing the same kind of stuff and it really eats up my time just to find if the content is of relevance...
Joel Barenco
@samikshaa thanks for the feedack. I do agree and feel the same! Recommendations are too static and don't allow enough input
Gabriel Bujold
I think that on my end, the algorithms are working well. It's the sweet spot between what you like to watch, what is actually popular and different genres that I might like. The AI solution is interesting but would need to be really impressive in order to move the needle I believe. I would like the system to be able to know if I had a big day that I feel more to watch a comedy series/movie than a drama or an horror film.
Joel Barenco
@bujold19 thanks Gabriel. We are currently thinking about asking the user to provide a few movies he liked as a basis for the type he's looking as well as a few tags to further specify his mood or characteristics of the movie. What do you think?
Gabriel Bujold
@joel_barenco I think that would be a good starting point. The next step might be to get a graph of the type of favorite genres of movies/series the customer prefer. I'm using netflix, but I cannot really know the kind of genres I prefer other than by looking at my list. It might be to know what they prefer as well and display it to the user.