Day before launch

Tyler Christie
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We are launching tomorrow here on Product Hunt and the app store. Any last minute tips of things you wish you had done or you liked from other companies?


Ian Butler
Hey just launched last night and this is my first time doing it and while I don't have great tips I hope this resource will help you: it is useful for non-engineers too and there is a whole section on Producthunt launches that I found super useful and definitely took a few pages from it.
Ali Rajool
Hey Tyler, Never ask your friends for poor upvotes (New Signup and Upvote), as it will ruin your ranking.
Sergey Shihaleev
Hey! Just launched our new product Wattabuy - Wattabuy is an information resource where professional portfolio managers and client managers use artificial intelligence to share information about bond portfolios. I assume, there is a whole sector on Producthunt launches that could be interested in our tool. Would like to get started with the discussion re investments products that are ongoing at the moment!
Sanaz Bidad
Product Hunt is a collection of people who, if they introduce you, you will be 100% featured. You can also see the list of top 500 hunters in Producthunt and find them. That money for Pre-Launch isn't helping for featuring. Best wishes✨