How can we as makers help alleviate poverty?

William Richter
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This site is amazing, it is full of some of the brightest/most creative minds on the planet. It seems to me that with such a strong collection of talent we all can use our skills to help tackle one of the biggest problems in the world, poverty. I would love any and all ideas related to how we, as makers, can help create something that will go towards alleviating poverty in people's lives. Appreciate any feedback!


What regions are you looking at? If you take the Global South, then one tactic is to develop tools to increase the efficiency and/or efficacy of informal economies. Invest and develop where it can make a difference, and be profitable - revenue tends to attract more investment, in turn alleviating more poverty.
William Richter
@arseniyw I love that idea about revenue driving change. Do you have any specific ideas about how to drive this. Are you thinking more of providing cash or providing assets to these areas?
Sanaz Bidad
I think technology can help us alleviate, not eliminate, poverty.