First time adventurer trying to get user feedback / validation on my product wireframe

Mark Gager
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I've done some early market research using surveys and now progressed to a wireframe of the product. The product in summary - helps users be better learners. It does this by allowing them to collect vital information (via a chrome extension), plan learning sessions, capture notes and create spaced repetition. Given the broad applicability of something like this, I am at a loss for where are the best places I could go to for getting some user validation. Can you share your thoughts?


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From what you said, I am assuming you mean something like, saving a portion of an article and find it later instead of digging through the whole article. Then you have a dashboard with all of the things you meant to read later and some additional tools to plan your learning?
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Hello - I am interested in knowing which tools you used for your surveys and to which people you shared them? I'm currently at that step and your insight would be valuable :) Regarding your question, I suppose it would depend what is the application and who will be using your product. When I saw learning + web, I instantly thought of MOOC - maybe a good place to get feedback would be the forums / facebook groups / twitter associated to those platforms?