How important is getting hunted by a 'top hunter'?

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Looking at the current top 3 products of the day- the top one has "the #1 hunter" and the third one has another hunter with 1000+ followers. Seems unfair to the smaller startups that can't afford the big-name hunters like second place Marpipe. Is it really that important or is this just a coincidence?


Anurag Kumar
Yes, Getting hunted by Top Hunter plays a very major role.
Senuka Rathnayake
Getting hunted by a top hunter notifies all the hunter's followers thus letting thousands know about your launch. This is how Product Hunt works. And also most hunters don't charge any money for hunting your product. So, I don't see any problem with affordability.
Amanda Zhu
@senuka_rathnayake Product Hunt doesn't do that anymore. They used to notify the hunter's followers but that's outdated information. The hunter really does not matter, and I've seen many top products be self-hunted.
Sreekanth PM
@senuka_rathnayake Till this comment i thought that hunters charge for hunting a product. : D thanks for the info.
Jack Dorini
@senuka_rathnayake @amanda_zhu Is there a reference to prove this?
Amanda Zhu
@dipole_moment Check out the official PH launch guide: I also asked them, and others who have launched on PH about this too! :)
Jana Filipovic
If a hunter likes your product, he will post it free of charge :)
Andreea Bunica
a bit of a newbie here- how do you even get hunters to notice your product in the first place?
Tyler Christie
@andreea_bunica me too! Also if I'm the maker and i post it I am then the Hunter. Can it still be hunted by someone else then too?
Eivind Håverstad
@andreea_bunica @wtylerchristie Hi! I've heard the same as @amanda_zhu is writing in the comment above. This does not have the same effect as before. Anyways, if you still want to try it out, you can ask Kevin for help hunting your products: