We've planned to launch this Saturday, what should we do before a successful launch?

Senuka Rathnayake
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We've built a Productivity Alexa Skill and it's planned to launch on the 3rd of October. We've got a hunter, and the essentials like a video, description, images etc. ready. Also we've got some social media posts ready. What else should we do for a successful launch?


Nicolò Marchesi
Contacts. Make a list of all the people interested or that can be interested in your product from people you know to notice them you are launching on producthunt and come to your PH page to interact. Moreove a discord, slack or similar channel to invite people to talk with you.
Engage with the communities you plan on launching/announcing your product on. Becoming a familiar voice with interest and passion in a group will only be a benefit your product's launch. Know you mentioned you have the essentials ready but I'd make sure they're also "share" friendly. For example, a short version of a product vid might play better to share on social than a full demo. Good luck with the launch and excited to see it get hunted!
get carrier
The launch of any product, both in the B2B and B2C markets, is a long, complex and costly process, and the more correctly and competently you set up the stages of its implementation from idea to launch, the more likely your launch will be successful.