How can I download historical Twitter data?

Jimmy Finch
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From where can I download twitter data of any date range? I am looking for some best tool from which I can collect historical data for analysis.


Kate Finch
There are various twitter tracking tool : Socialert, Trackmyhashtag, Keyhole, Sproutsocial, Tweetbinder, Twitonomy I personally use Trackmyhashtag. It is also a twitter hashtag tracking tool which can fetch any kind of twitter data of any date range since the beginning of twitter in 2006. It can help you to get historical twitter data easily in CSV or JSON file to make analysis. You can visit: Here. you find a request form which you need to fill with your search term and the team will get back to you in an hour with your twitter data. Also, you can for any other requirements also on their live chat support on website. Hope you will get help. Thank you.
Cadabra Studio
Generally, you don't need any special tools. Twitter allows you to download and view your Twitter archive. Just see the instructions on their official page
Zilvinas Kucinskas
ExportData allows exporting historical tweets since 2006 and downloading followers & followings.