What are you building these days? Share in just one line (and url) what your project is about!

Marvin Danig
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Marvin Danig
I'll go first. I'm building Red Goose (https://goose.red) that converts web-apps into native mobile apps written in Swift or Kotlin.
@marvindanig Hi Marvin, cool! It is possible to convert in native app also the glide.io web apps?
Marvin Danig
@federicodrei As long as your web-app has a unique domain/url (https://my-app-url.com) of its own, I guess it should be fine. Have not tried converting any of the Glide apps yet though…
Anthony Peron-Otmane
ProspectWith.com a platform for lead generation and a powerful search engine of companies ⚡️🚀
I'm building Inpulsar (side project), a PHP/Symfony headless CMS https://www.lugosium.com/en/
Joel Bryan Juliano
I built SketchDesigner (https://sketchdesigner.app), that allows you to easily create web and mobile UI/UX mockups and UX personas using Apple Pencil or any iPad compatible-stylus
Amanda Zhu
Currently iterating on Perfect Recall (https://perfectrecall.app), which lets you make video notes during Zoom calls! :D
Marvin Danig
@amanda_zhu Interesting. So does it add notations on a video that has been pre-recorded or you allow stringing of subvideos on a video that's live?
Joost van Hoof
Get feedback on anything that you communicate to your customers: www.freddyfeedback.com.
Fernando Pessagno
Iterating on the mobile experience of ResumeMaker.Online
Samir Rashed
Access tons of design elements inside your PowerPoint https://plus.premast.com/
Taskord - Get things done Socially https://taskord.com
Arnav Mahajan
A tool that helps B2B marketers identify the 20% efforts that bring in 80% revenue, hence making marketing more predictable and repeatable. (https://cudovito.com)
Marvin Danig
@arnav1712 Intriguing. How does Cudovito work?
Arnav Mahajan
@marvindanig we have a simple js that collects all the visitors and conversions data, we run our models on all the data that we collect from the web and marry it with enrichment APIs like zoominfo and clearbit, figure out what are the best channels and leads, also, where are they coming from, not just the Google Analytics last click crap.
Sasha Azcuy
Sparklr is an idea generation platform that allows everyone to make positive contributions. For your work, for your life https://get.sparklr.io
Anamika Chaudhary
Building Blend for people to play board games on mobile, with their friends, inside a chat. https://blendapp.in/
I'm working on @sharenest_volunteering which is two-way marketplace connecting volunteers to opportunities and vice versa. URL: https://volunteer.sharenest.com/
Hey @marvindanig, here's my story 😉 ; I worked a lot with so many e-commerce businesses. I recently went through a lot of shopping experiences and e-commerce issues. It turned out that I had quite a few problems worth solving, and the most interesting ones led me to the idea for Laravel Shopper! My idea behind this is that I truly believe that we can solve a lot of "problems" encountered by e-sellers by proving an Open-Source, very developer/user-friendly (entirely customizable) solution powered by the powerful and well-known Laravel framework and its loving community. 🚀 Here it is : https://laravelshopper.io Thanks for asking and reading 😇
Marvin Danig
@jvq_txt Very interesting. How many of the e-sellers are comfortable dealing with code?
@marvindanig The first target is developers, as I'm a real open-source believer. I hope for being sponsored through GitHub. Then the SaaS version will mainly target e-sellers. 🤘
Working on product optimisation with the internals, PCB and electronics. The product is called SnapFIT, modular components for smart working targeting the next generation of professionals 👨‍💻. https://www.snapfitech.com
Jochem Gerritsen
I'm building a private community for European entrepreneurs who share the commitment to support one another with their experience and expertise! Just started my Ship page (https://www.producthunt.com/upco...) and I'm planning to launch in a couple of weeks.
Sani Djaya
Working on a virtual office space for teams: https://yuzuconnect.com/
Chloe Diamond
Thanks for this! We've built Swash (https://swashapp.io/) a browser extension that allows everyday internet users to monetise their surfing data.
Prabhat Sahu
I'm building Sawo Labs (https://sawolabs.com) it is an api which allows websites and apps to signin customers without passwords and OTPs