What are some creative ways to promote a podcast?

Manuela Bárcenas
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Looking for creative ways to promote the Supermanagers podcast + I'd love to know if you have any ideas or suggestions :)


Anna matthews
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Bill Flitter
1. Search for “(a complimentary podcast audience) inurl:/podcast/” to find on Google, pitch your brand, and request an interview 2. Create video commercials for your podcast to post on social media, youtube, or turn into ads. Using a tool like https://storycreatorapp.com/ and add images, graphics, etc to make it look good. 3. Cross-promote with other podcasters 4.If you are not doing it already, transcribe the podcast, post it on your website to boost search engine presence 5. Use snippets of the transcription and turn it into a newsletter to build a following Hope that was helpful -Bill Fixmygrowth.com
Kshitij Malhotra
1)Promote on Quora under relevant questions, same for Reddit and other platforms like that. 2)Use Linkedin because that has a gargantuan market for podcasts about management. 3) Use adverts (google ads and all) 4) Collab with others.