What cooking related tools have you picked up since quarantine started?

Lauren Place
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Any tools online or off! Recipe websites, organizer apps, meal prep container— I just bought avocado storage and a fancy asparagus peeler


Not really a tool but my Mom 😅. It's a fun bonding time and I get to learn family recipes and things that I grew up eating! I have been using the Google home hub (with screen) to look up recipes and help me not touch a screen while baking.
Aidan Breen
I got on that sourdough hype train and got myself a proving basket and a bench scraper. I don't make bread as often as I could/should but when I do it's so worth it.
Aaron O'Leary
Oh this is my kind of discussion. I have a plethora of cooking tools but I'm constantly buying new ones, picked up 3 new chef knives, all carbon steel, a new cream siphon, some new plates, a bread fermentation station
Lauren Place
@aaronoleary Ooh— any preference for chef knives? I haven't gone expensive yet with mine- love a good $20-40 Mercer or Victorinox
Lauren Place
@aaronoleary that being said I'm in the market to upgrade from Ikea plates haha open to any ceramics suggestions
Eddie H.
I'm left handed so my mother-in-law bough me a couple wooden utensils designed specifically for lefties!
Lauren Place
@eddieaich This is so sweet! And such an amazing gift idea, saving this thought for my left handed friends when I discover them...
Lucie Loubet
Does watching all seasons of Top Chef US, Canada and France count as a training tool? More seriously though: we started hosting Zoom dinner parties with friends during the lockdown, where we all have the same list of ingredients and we all come up with our own recipes. Then we talk about what and how we've cooked as we eat together. Learned tons of things.
Dakota L.
My first cast iron skillet. I was caught completely off-guard by how much easier it makes cooking things evenly.
Aaron O'Leary
@fastflowz Just make sure to keep it dry at all times 😉
Prottay Rudra
In my free time, I've worked on a web application that provides users detailed information about recipes/dishes. Its not done yet, development version: https://ingredient-git-developme...
Sreekar Channapragada
Sharp knives. Absolutely love the chopping process with them!
Lauren Place
@sreekar any preference for brands/ type of knife?
Sreekar Channapragada
@lauren_place I'm not really sure what brand those knives are. Really old knives though. Sharpened by a guy who came in front my house and literally yelled "I will sharpen your knives for money!" That was the cue for me to run out of my chair and hand him over all of my knives.
Sharon Cohen
I LOVE cooking, man. But my problem is that I want to eat healthy and it takes time to start looking for recipes. I do use Pinterest or Youtube videos of I have any specific ideas in mind. What made you buy those cool tools?
Andrew Goei
I bought an airfryer and a sousvide and they both changed my life and made cooking so much easier and cleaner.
Lauren Place
@andrewgoei How so? I thought sousvide takes hours on hours. Big fan of air fryers though
Lauren Place
@andrewgoei Its a trend right now in Korea to buy these chocolate filled cream puff snacks and air fry them (makes the chocolate ball pop)- kind of defeats the health benefits of purchasing an airfryer but now I want one! https://www.amazon.com/Choco-Hom...
Madelin Woods
Aside from making way too many burritos to test out Burrito Pop (https://www.producthunt.com/post...), I've been making lots of pizza from sourdough bread starter, and really loving the pizza stone.
Hannah S Kim
I've been using my air fryer a lot- its super versatile! I've made fries, toasted marshmellows, heated up various meats (for a crispier texture) in it, and there are so many other ways to use it :)
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