Hi Makers, what makes your working space more enjoyable for you ?

Kaloyan Dobrev
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We all work in different places and we like different thing about them. What makes your working space to be fun to work in ? Do you preferred quiet space or the noisy coffee shop ? Do you have your own or do you use coworking space ?


I love having natural light as much as possible so I'll place myself near a window - also gives me a nice view so I can look away from my screen every now and then. I also like quiet. I grew up spending a lot of time in libraries so for me focus time is about making a peaceful quiet oasis hehe. How about you?
Kaloyan Dobrev
@abadesi I too like quiet space, but even if I am at noisy place, my escape is putting my headphones and playing some song on repeat. That way I suppress everything around, the bad in this situation is when a colleague need me, I often cannot hear him. The view sometimes is distracting me, but it is nice from time to time to change the perspective and to go for a walk for a 15 minutes. One weird thing I am so much productive if the place is clean and ordered. So no messy desk or anything like that.
I enjoy a quiet space, clean surroundings, nice lighting and comfortable room temperature.
Kaloyan Dobrev
@andrefuchs Do you have the perfect room temperature in Celsius ?
Amandine FLACHS
+1 on the natural light, I also like flexibility meaning I don't mind being on an open space with some noise but I need to easily be able to isolate myself either to have some calls or just to focus on work. I also like to switch from a seated to a standing desk even if that just mean going to another room with a high table. And I almost forget, I need to stay warm!
Kaloyan Dobrev
@amandineflachs I haven't try standing desk. How much time do you spent comfortably at it ? I have seen that in some places they go an extra mile and put treadmill under it - have you try that ?
Amandine FLACHS
@kokiweb If the table is at the right height, I think I can stand for about 3 hours. I have never tried with a treadmill but would love to! I am not sure I'd be able to always be walking tho.
Una Vidaković
I need nice lighting but I like noisy places and I love working and studying in coffee shops, I don't find noise distracting and when I am alone in the public place I always think: ''I need to be working, not browsing the internet, I don't want people to think that I am weird person watching YouTube videos in coffee shop''. I really can work anywhere but I tend to get to detracted at home with family, pets, chores
Kaloyan Dobrev
@una_vidakovic Yeah, if I am surrounded with colleagues it easy to stay focus on the task. I think when you are being watch is motivating us not to delay tasks.
Simone Zienna
It really depends on the task for me. If I need to work on something more logical like coding or coming up with a project architecture then I definitely prefer quite places. Otherwise a not-too-noisy coffee shop works well too
Kaloyan Dobrev
What is distracting you from work ?
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Renato Barba
It depends on the type of output, to get inspired -> places with lots going on and for actual focused working less noisy places with proper lighting, otherwise headaches are inevitable
Robert Zalaudek
Big windows looking into nature, an organized desk and a cup of coffee - not necessarily in that order 😜
Kaloyan Dobrev
@robert_zalaudek Interesting that i don't like the taste of coffee, but I love the smell of it - It is so refreshing, when somebody buys coffee and the office get the aroma of fresh coffee.
Kaloyan Dobrev
@rashjbp What coffee - espresso or americano ?