Cold-engaging leads on social media

Pablo Fernandez
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I'm building a product for rock climbers to improve by focusing on mastering their climbing technique instead of focusing on increasing pull-up count or other random physical attributes. I want to start with a small number of beta-users. There are a few subreddits that have the exact audience of my product. What would be the best way to reach out? 1) A new thread talking about the idea? 2) Reaching out via DM to ppl that, based on their comments, seem like the right audience? 3) Ads? For 2), would it make sense to first send a message asking if it's ok to pitch them something they might be interested in? I hate when I'm pitched something off-the-bat and I'm unlikely to even respond, even if it's something I'd otherwise be interested in. Thanks!


Pablo Guidi
Hi Pablo! I think a combination of the first two options would be the smartest way to go, maybe if you introduce the product to the community you'll get valuable feedback on how to quickly improve it before it sees the light of day! I would prepare a post and share a deck or site explaining what is it how it works and why it beats the traditional pull up technique without trying to sell it and then introduce a link/or ask them to DM you if they're interested, seems to me like a technique that's not too pushy would work best here, I would save the Ads for later down the road :)